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World’s Ugliest Bird Competition

I prefer Turkens to any other variety of chicken which I’m sure I’ve stated before in this blog.  Food to egg and meat ratio is excellent, personalities are excellent.  They are just an all around good bird.  EVERYONE who sees them for the first time comments on their looks though.  These are not attractive chickens.  Last week I added four turkeys to the flock.  Just every day run of the mill white turkeys.  They were a month and a half old when I got them and the price was too good to resist.   I was immediately surprised at the adorable noises they make.  Even so young though, they are the same size as the chickens.

We have had a horribly hot and dry summer so far.  Weeks of 110 degrees plus weather have really taken their toll on the yard.  Usually I irrigate about four times a year, but this year I had to break down and put it at about three times per week.  It saddens me to use water like that.  With the new garden ground across the street however, I had no other choice.  There just hasn’t been enough time to condition that soil or get used to it’s needs for me to go on a low water regimen.  Regardless, I have kept everything happy and healthy except for Fred the pigeon.  He succumbed  to the heat about three weeks into the heat wave.  I work really hard to keep them shaded and watered, but there is only so much you can do.  The pigeons are temporarily in the house now, which freaks me out a little.

I decided Gracie needed some more friends so here they are:

I haven’t sexed them yet, I’m afraid they are too young for that.  I may try in a few days when they get used to living here and are more calm.  My intent was to pick up two and hope one turned out to be a boy.

Temptation reared it’s ugly head though and I had to pick up this other one.  I must now have a thing for hideous birds because of my devotion for my turkens.

He’s an english carrier pigeon.  Not at all fitting in with my goal of raising squab, but he/she and Gracie are getting along pretty well so far.  When it is standing up straight the bird is very striking and no more attractive.  One of my gardening friends and I have been discussing breeding carriers for sharing seeds.  Not for the ease of seed sharing, but just for the novelty of it.  Usually these guys seem to go for around $100 each.  I picked this guy up for $6.  He has a crooked foot, but it doesn’t seem to affect him.  For $6 I was willing to take the chance on him for a little neighborhood fun.  Now I guess I need to get serious about the pigeons and get some leg bands and flight cage finished.  Hopefully in a few days I can get some photos and show how to sex them.

I always read about how addicted people get to raising pigeons and never understood it.  They just never appealed to me.  I have to admit now, they are pretty awesome to have around.