Hawk attack!

This morning my neighbours called frantically after scaring a hawk off of their coop.  Apparently it swooped into my yard from there.  I have a pretty awesome rooster, so I have high hours that the girls are ok.  Hawk attacks are my least favourite.  They take the heads and drop the bodies.  Very gruesome.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the blog, because of the heat, I have been letting the chickens stay out at night.  This can be good and bad. Today is an example of potentially bad.  I have provided the chickens with plenty of cover so it’s hard for me to do a hess count when they are freaked out.



There are some hiding.  What worries me are these pics:




On the plus side, yesterday I candled the eds under the broody hen and found 50s with babies in them.  I don’t need mitre chickens, but the temptation to see the prices overwhelmed me.  Well she be a good mom, I don’t know.  She is a retired later I picked up last year and was slated for the chopping block at her next molt.  By the end of the day she will have a chicken tractor and fresh straw all of her own.  All the eggs that are fertile come from my one year old turken who bred with a redcap rooster and a lakenvelter rooster.  The candle at around 10 to 18 days development.  Should be interesting.



My husband is close to completing a new enclosure for the rest.  If it is done by the end of the day, new importation will be starting tonight.  There are two new coops in the enclosure so lots to choose from.  Mama gets to keep the chicken tractor she is in.  lots of straw will be added because even though even though my brother assures me bubbles bounce, I don’t want any little babies falling out of the best, I definitely want to give them something soft to land on.

If she works out, I hope to use her to hatch cochins for the neighbour so they don’t have to buy an incubator. 

Another piece of good news is that I will soon receive some restaurant leftovers to supplement all their diets.  My husband is off on an adventure starting tuesday where he will work outside the country in an effort to get us caught up financially.  6 months of unemployment have taken their toll sadly.  Without him here, I won’t have the kitchen scraps I normally do.  My kids hate food apparently.  If I make something good to easy there just won’t be the normal waste we have when cooking for four.



Wish us luck!  There was rain last night, I can only take that as a sign of positive things to come.


One response to “Hawk attack!

  1. Good luck with the heat and the hatching, we are still in the middle of winter here in New Zealand so our chooks have the opposite problem. I have one who free ranges 24X7 and on cold, wet nights like tonight I worry about her. we will hopefully entice her into the coop at night with the others.

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