9 O’clock and alls well


We manage to enclose the two coops today.  It took a while to get the chickens from the tree.  Head pounding apples and chickens who roost higher and higher are not a good combination.  I’m leaving the coops open so they can work out their new spots themselves.I’m particularly proud that we managed to catch “Satan” the rooster.

Now for a much deserved cider and then on to give the rabbits their treats.

Put the old hens in with this years batch.  That should be interesting in the morning.  Fat Mama is by herself with her eggs in the A-frame chicken tractor.  I put down 6-10 inches of straw in case the bumbles actually hatch and need to bounce.  Tomorrow might be day 20 on an egg or two.  One looked like it would be about day 12.  Don’t know if there will be any success with the hatching but it’s pretty riviting to watch.  I’ve already learned a lot even if no chicks come of it.


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