Neighbor problems

Garden D is located in a more suburban part of st louis.  It’s still the city, but the neighborhood lacks the racial and economic diversity that mine does.  At least on the surface.  Here is our garden.


It’s not a great picture, but you get the idea.  Long and narrow.  Right next door the neighbour has his long back yard set up very similarly.  He has a job that keeps him on the road, but the lot is full if vegetables and flowers all the same.  We have always thought it a blessing.  Hard to isolate veggies for seed saving but at least there was a kindred spirit there.   The last free years when there was no garden on our lot, hes been generous in helping control the johnson grass infestation at the back of the property.  Unfortunately, thats a darn hard weed to kill.  Also unfortunately, we are organic and he is not.

He recently came home and for unknown reasons decided running a mower through our garden was the thing to do.


Mowing didn’t stop with the weeds sadly and he ran right over our tomatoes.

So here is a picture of his garden.


Here is ours.


Where are the weeds coming from?  I know it’s easy to point fingers at the crazy organic people, but I think it’s clear that organic garden is lending itself to better results than round up dependant gardening.

I understand that sometimes we take our frustrations to the garden and come back feeling better, but please try not to take then next door to your neighbours garden.  Not cool.

On the plus side, we have decidedo to risk some short season summer veggies on the newly mowed area.  It will be exciting to see what succeeds.  Here are the new plantings.


Mowing 10 feet into the yard can be dealt with,  hope karna doesn’t come down on him too hard.

On a passive aggressive note,  I did plant pumpkins in between each crop right on the property edge.  I will try to keep them trained over to our side, but sometimes things get overlooked.


3 responses to “Neighbor problems

  1. Johnsongrass will fix a lot of carbon in a short time, at a time of year when everything else gives up the fight. It’s a pretty good plant. It also has a rhizome that pigs really like to eat. Maybe you need a little pig to help with your johnsongrass problem. Maybe just tell the neighbors it’s a hairless, wrinkle-less pug.

  2. I’m all for that solution, but I think the property owner would freak right out, lol.

  3. The property owner finds the pig idea freak out worthy, lol

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