Quiet after the storm

We are still recovering from the tour.  It went well and we estimate we had 300 folks through.  I really appreciate my friends that came and sat with me.

After, we found lice on the kids which immediately buried me in all the laundry on the planet.  Glad I’m paranoid and caught it early.

Then the fashion label I work with decided to really get on top of things and need to deliver their product so I need to get on top of that. 

Its been 110 degrees here no joke, so I end up having to schedule everything I need to do around watering.  Last year I watered 4ever times all summer, this year, its more like for times a week.

We dug all the potatoes and thanks to my friend mark, sold some produce to a chef.  Petty awesome.  The farmers market is still being stalled by the city.

Somewhere in there I hand fed a baby parrot for a friend which was an interesting learning experience for all of us.  I’m still not on the right sleep schedule.

I learned to make kombucha and it is awesome, so now there are weird things fermenting every where in the house.  Very interesting and wonderful new taste adventures.  I even put a scoby in a gallon of mt dew, so far so good.  I accidentally made hard lemonade and a sour dough starter that might be sentient.

Oh oh and I decided to make dim sum while sleep walking and set fire to the kitchen, so still trying to get that cleaned up.  I have to get that done tomorrow so the cabbage I picked up to make a crock of kimchi so it doesn’t rot.

pigeons are great, garden is great.  I suddenly need a rabbit hutch for prisoners of gardening war. Some chickens from this springs batch have started laying.  My there year old hens got weirdly broody so I’m letting then suit out of curiosity.  If they make chicks it will be interesting how they treat the mutts. 

Tonight I put corn to soak in water so I can make hominy from scratch tomorrow.  So excited!

Them I need the magic night end elves to complete the sweater orders, weed the garden, replant the garden, make a giant garlic mascot costume, take my kids to the pool for lessons, make meals, do laundry, and change the rabbit litter.  Ufff.


One response to “Quiet after the storm

  1. The English minor in me wants you to check your spelling. Actually, you use enough strange words that I never know if you mean what you say. (What is dim sum?) I’m worn out reading all you are doing. Just doing laundry at your house and climbing up and down all those floors is enough to wear me out. 🙂

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