Meme Day


2 responses to “Meme Day

  1. A probable ADHD kid who made questionable choices. He directed his energy toward other youth. Just because something is different or gets a lot of press doesn’t make it better or worse. Careful consideration should be given to anything he said. Motivation, Motivation, Motivation.

  2. While Abbie Hoffman may give people pause due to his choices and political beliefs, the sentiment is a good one. You can’t change the world trying to force people into things that do don’t interest them. Personally, I am a big fan if the chicago 7 and feel rather had a huge impact in where our culture is today, but that is a topic not applicableto this particular blog. That I feel would need to be an armchair anthropology blog. I feel that is a good statement to help guide the leaders of the local food movement in mobilising help.

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