Chickens in the Trees!

Oh, there are chickens in the trees!

What on earth is going on that the chickens have decided to sleep in the trees.  This is all because of the black minorcas I picked up.  Turkens don’t fly well enough for this to occur to them.  I wouldn’t be concerned, but my neighbors haven’t managed to solve the grey tabby cat problem.  They are trying really hard to solve it, but we still have that cat hunting our yards at night.  I’m not sure it is enough of an issue to clip their wings and it has been ridiculously hot here.  I wouldn’t want to sleep in the coop either.

There’s the silly rooster.  It’s utterly absurd.  At night the minorca has been sleeping up there, but she is a black chicken with black feet and I can never find her.  I went to Chism Heritage Farm for the weekend and my husband texted me with “the chickens are in the tree and not the coop, I hope that is ok”.    I was pulling them out of the tree last night and putting them back in the coop but gave up halfway through and went to bed.   It’s something I will have to ponder today.


3 responses to “Chickens in the Trees!

  1. Too funny. Best of luck with the Chickens.

  2. Hello, I know this post was ages ago but I’ve just stumbled on your blog! Did you ever manage to solve this conundrum? We have a flock of 8 and 3 of them have been sleeping in the trees for weeks, and tonight another joined them! It’s getting colder so my boyfriend and I are worried for them (and their safety) and we really are at a loss as to how to retrain them to sleep in the coop.

    • well, I did, but…. So, I got them back in the coop by locking them in there for a while until they reimprinted on the coop as their roost. Then a family of raccoons moved in. I went back to letting them sleep in the tree because they survive better up there. It is counterintuitive to me, but they are good at keeping away from predators when they are not confined. I downsized this winter with the chickens and only have one now. Simply because I can’t catch her, lol. I plan to do some major work on the coop and start over again in March, or when I find some layers on craigslist after rethinking the coop. I need to cut a hole in one coop to make harvesting eggs easier. I need to think about where the fence meets the chicken wire. I haven’t had any problems with the tree situation other than my potting table is a mess from their droppings. It got super cold here last week and she took off and stayed in an abandoned house next door. (I only found out because we followed her tracks) When it warmed up she showed up hungry and thirsty. So, I have patient neighbors to which I’m grateful.

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