Pleasant Surprises and Thanks!

I got home from planting native fruit shrubs in friends yards today and found two pleasant surprises.  One was in the mail.  I received a gardening grant from Slow Food St. Louis!  What a fantastic and exciting program to have in our community.  I’m thrilled and hope I can get some fresh vegetables to market and increase the local offerings for organic produce.

The next pleasant surprise was finding that someone had recommended my blog to Reddit.  Thank you, I’m embarrassed to say I was not familiar with Reddit.  I have no idea where I am at on their list, but I hope whoever was thoughtful enough to submit it hears my appreciation.

Thank you!

The last thing I would like to add is that the Missouri Department of Conservation apparently has a very good program for ordering plants.  My friend Heather ordered native edible shrubs from them this spring.  I’m amazed at the quality and size of these plants.  Very healthy stock.  They come bare root and are a pretty good size especially for the price.  She has been kind enough to share leftovers that don’t fit in her yard and I think at this point we have planted 5 yards with what she ordered.  They have a grow native program, click on the link to check it out.  I’m unclear on how or when she ordered, but I love this state’s Department of Conservation!  Great classes, great services, and wonderful people.  Hopefully, when I’m ready to get my pond in I can get some bluegill spawn from them.   There is just too much that I want to do and too little time.


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