I got the best surprise this week when I was raking the mulch back into place.  The chickens apparently did not kill all of the asparagus!  I’m so excited.  They still have time mind you, but I now have hope.  This is the digginest bunch of chickens I’ve ever had.  I think they just like it.  I’ve supplemented their greens, gave them pig livers, everything I can think of to satisfy any nutritional deficits, but they still love to dig.

The south half of the patch is gone, but there are still a good eight plants sending up shoots.  It was a new patch I planted last year so it’s still very sparse.

The sweet potato slips are coming along.  I found a source for some white fleshed sweet potatoes and started those too, I hope they put something up.  Some of the potatoes haven’t sent shoots up yet, but they have lots of roots in the water.  Because of the weather I have moved them out to the “greenhouse”.  They are loving the sun.

Most of the flats are planted, I need to scrounge up another couple of dozen at least.  Hopefully, I can get a hold of those this week.  In the meantime, I need to go water all the flats I have planted all ready.  I’ve run out of rain barrel water sadly I think I need to add another storage barrel.  110 gallons has served me well until now and with all this recent rain I shouldn’t be out.  Oh well.

Here is my youngest son’s job for the next hour….

A bow tie and a superman shirt, how can life get any better than that???


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