Old Garden Clean Up

Today was what felt like the last day to get the side garden cleaned up before it became overwhelming.  It was one of those days where everything suddenly leafed out.

The greenhouse is full of flats now.  We got some shelves up this week.

The collards are up and transplanted to little newspaper pots.  The tomatoes are up too.

The parsley is coming up nicely.  I’ve never had much luck growing parsley, this is giving me hope for this year.

The pears have set a ton of fruit.

The peaches have set a ton of fruit.  We will go out and thin them soon.  We leave one of every three or the fruit becomes too heavy for the tree.

The apples are still in bloom.

The quince are blooming, unfortunately the tree has a bacterial disease and I haven’t found a supplier of the chemical I need to treat it.  I’m very torn about it.  I really like Quince and would like to have them but I’m not sure chemicals are worth it.

Last year’s collards are blooming.

Garlic is growing strong.

The peas are up, the trellises are up, and I just need to string them.

The chocolate mint survived the winter amazingly well.  I’ve never had such lush spring growth.

The Akebia is in bloom.  It’s worth planting these for the one week of amazing scent they put off in the spring.  I could stand with my head in this plant for hours.

The honeyberry is blooming for the first time since I planted it.

Lilies are coming up strong.

Apple mint has spread everywhere.

I leave violets in the beds.  I love them.  I’m on the fence about dandelions though.  Both have edible parts.


Tons of sweet cherries have set on the shrubs.

The aronia will set tons of fruit, it’s about to bloom like crazy.

I’m about to have my first rose as well.

Today I got the remaining seeds in the mail as well as the spore kits from Fungi Perfecti.  The Three Amigos kit puts three edible strains of mushroom in the garden.  It’s supposed to help increase yield on your vegetables as well.  The kit needed to get put in the ground today which is another reason the garden had to get cleaned up now.

So, the cold frames made out of hay bales are down.  I put arugula, cress, and corn salad in the ground today.  Tonight I need to get the coleus and the remaining annual flowers in flats.  I will probably jump the gun and go ahead and plant the annual garden fruits as well.  I love ground cherries and want to get those going.  I usually order starts from Seed Savers, but this year I thought I would try to start them myself.

Hopefully, we will get the rest of the garden across the street dug in the next few days.   This mild spring is speeding things up in unexpected ways.




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