Grateful Veggie Sandwich

My favorite lunch is a veggie sandwich and a piece of fruit.  It’s an easy way to get raw veggies and stock pile on vitamins and minerals.

Start with a bagel, a bagel thin, or a sandwich thin.  My favorite is the bagel thin with everything.  Hopefully I can learn how to make them sometime soon so I can stop buying them.

Next spread on some hummus or lentil spread.  It’s really good if you do hummus on one side and lentil spread on the other.  Today I only have hummus, I need to thaw some lentil spread out from the freezer.

Next I put on some cilantro and kale.  I’ve used tons of other greens for this, raw collards are really good too.  Parsley is a good addition and it is also a good choice for nutrition.

Next I put on sprouts and whatever else I can find in the stores to round it out.  I prefer mixed sprouts or onion sprouts, but broccoli, alfalfa, and clover are all good.  The sprout mix I use has fenugreek sprouts in it and I really love the extra flavor.  On the left you see today I put on cauliflower from the gallon jar of Giardiniera I keep on hand.  I prefer the peppers out of it, but I ate them all. 

Put the halves together and you have a great sandwich.  I like it best with grapefruit, but any fruit is good. 

I keep sprouts, hummus, and curry dip on hand in the house.  I mix buying sprouts at the store and making them.  Sometimes I’m just not going to be home enough to keep the seeds rinsed and I get them from the store.  The last couple of years have made me more active on sprouting my own.  The contamination recalls on sprouts have made them difficult to get at times.  I picked up a really nice seed mix from a local store last year too.  It is really tasty.  Johnny’s seeds seem to have the best online ordering for sprouting that I have found, I’m always looking for more sources and hopefully can incorporate growing the seeds into my garden.  I’d love to hear about any local sources to St. Louis if you know of any.  I’ve had a hard time finding good places to buy them, it also doesn’t help that once you buy a bag you don’t need to again for a long while.


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