Chicken Cam

This year I am working in cooperation with a dear friend to raise a new batch of layers.  We both live in the city and have kids so I thought it would be a great idea to broadcast the chicks so her kids can watch them at home.

Today started early with a panicked call from Heather saying the Post Office had called at 6 am saying the  chicks were in and they didn’t think they were in good shape.  Fortunately, I was still up having a manic knittingpalooza trying to meet a mailing deadline this morning.  By 6:20 AM she was here with a box of chicks in hand from McMurray Hatchery.   When she called I had dropped the knitting and frantically scampered all over the back yard collecting what I would need to get them hydrated and warm.  We opened up the box and carefully took out all the tiny little things and dipped their beaks in the water and got them under the heat lamp.  Usually I don’t raise chicks in a rubbermaid, but I had a huge one in the living room and it seemed like it would work for keeping them warm.  We sat vigil over them for the next hour and any that were unsteady or puny we kept taking to the water and making sure they were warm.  Only one feather foot past away in shipping, the rest are going strong!  Click on the pic to watch them by our ustream chicken cam!

Turkens are only cute when they are babies, keep an eye out for their little naked necks holding up a cotton ball with a beak.  (Looks like they will be black and red! Last year I had one white one we will see.) Enjoy!


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