Dwarf Iris – First Flower of the Year

Iris Cristata

Species Native to Missouri

3-6″ Tall

Each year I anxiously look forward to this flower.  I adore it’s bold appearance in my garden and know that it means soon I will be gearing up to plant my garden.  I think I picked this up at Lowe’s on the clearance rack years ago and planted it because it was a native plant.  I’ve been really impressed with this plant.  It doesn’t spread much, but I have it planted in a terrible location.  I have a trouble area of landscaping in the front near a Silver Maple.  Because St. Louis city yards are often quite small, the tree sucks up all the available water on our side of the street.  When the garden peaks in early summer you can see the further from the tree it gets, the taller and more lush it is.

This year when it is done blooming I am going to move it to the berry garden.  It’s a woodland plant naturally, and I think it will do well with the partial sun plants.  Soon the holly next to it will overwhelm it so it is time.

On a side note, the 2nd annual St. Louis Sustainable Backyard Tour is gearing up to take applications for hosts.  It is being held on June 24th, 2012.  If you are interested in more information and a link to an application, please drop me a note at jacquelyne@sew4cons.com.  Hopefully soon we will solidify more information and I can post a link.  Last year’s tour was a great time and I met a ton of wonderful people, if you use sustainable practices in your back yard, please consider participating.


One response to “Dwarf Iris – First Flower of the Year

  1. I love these flowers, but I had no idea they were native to Missouri. Cool!

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