Our interpretation of a plastic bottle greenhouse

With this most recent layoff, my dear husband has been getting the plastic bottle greenhouse underway.  I’d like to have it done by mid-March in time to start my seeds for spring in flats outside.

current sad state of seed starting

As you can see in my dreary, wet, and scary basement I have a grow light that can’t really provide enough light for very many flats.  I do have artichoke and rhubarb on an experimental run down there.  Hopefully, I can get them going and out to the greenhouse and have some chance of getting artichokes in this climate, we will see.Back to the greenhouse, however.  The last year has had a surge in directions for building one of these online.    Since we are trying to entirely upcycle, we got the jist of it and plowed ahead.  We have much of the lumber from the old deck in the bird cage from the St. Louis Zoo.  We retrieved it as it was being disposed of.  It’s cedar so it should work.  Some of it was used for raised beds for a couple of years so it has seen better days.

Last fall he harvested a bunch of bamboo from one of his coworkers yards.  It won’t be enough, but it was a start and there was terrible poison ivy in the bamboo thicket.  I thought there would be room to get to the old compost bins back behind the greenhouse, but I think we will move them to the opposite end and use the rest of the parking pad for lumber storage.  I have a stray cat that lives back there and I’m a little worried about how all this change has impacted his psyche, but he’s been sleeping underground in the sewer anyway while it has been cold, Hopefully, we can rearrange the wood in such a way that he will find a comfortable niche.  Any help I can get with mice here is much appreciated.  I love the dumpster that lives behind my house and not having a trash day, but that combined with derelict buildings does not do well for controlling the rodent populations in the city.

So, now onto collecting the two liters (non coca-cola company because of the shape) and putting them on the building.  We did have to break down and buy some screws to finish the building framing.  We used old nails we scavenged from our house and some old projects, but ran out. AND the first picture just will not post the right way up, when you see this it may or may not be correct, but wordpress isn’t cooperating with me.

Update:  Adventures in the Plastic Bottle Greenhouse